Dragon smoke fountain

Create your Zen Moments: Dragon Smoke Waterfall

You can find a lot of Dragon Smoke Fountain online. Smoke fountain just adds to the ambience that either water or smoke would independently create.

It’s getting so popular that you can spot one in almost all the spas. I just happened to buy this

The Good

  • Aesthetic Appeal: The dragon-themed design offers a visually striking element to any room, making it not just a functional item but also a piece of decor. The waterfall effect created by the backflow of smoke mimics a misty, ethereal scene that can add a tranquil ambiance to your environment.
  • Comprehensive Set: With 45 cones and 30 sticks included, this set provides a good variety and quantity of incense to start with, making it a great value for beginners or as a gift.
  • Versatility in Use: Ideal for spa, yoga, meditation, or simply enhancing the aroma of a room, this incense burner serves multiple purposes. It can help in relaxation, meditation practices, or just to create a pleasant environment.

The Bad

  • Maintenance and Cleaning: Backflow incense burners require regular cleaning to prevent clogging and ensure smooth operation. Residue from the incense smoke can accumulate over time, necessitating frequent maintenance.
  • Specific Incense Requirement: The waterfall effect is specific to backflow cones, which means regular incense sticks or cones won’t create the same visual effect. This could limit your options if you prefer a specific scent only available in standard incense forms.
  • Potential Safety Concerns: As with any product involving fire, there’s a risk of burns or fire hazard if not used carefully. It’s important to place the burner on a stable, heat-resistant surface away from flammable materials.


The Ceramic Backflow Incense Burner Set is a captivating addition to any space, offering both aesthetic beauty and the functional benefits of incense.

I am still drooling and just can’t stop watching it.

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